• Start date
  • End date
  • Workshop length
    5 Days
  • Duration
    9 Hours

Q: In which language will the workshop be conducted?
A: The workshop will be conducted mainly in English, nevertheless, our trainers are fluent in the following languages: Arabic
, French and German.

Q: Can we bring our vest and arm with us?
A: Of course, we highly recommend that you bring your own arm and vest, which we know are your comfort zone. We need to make sure you get the best experience out of this Masterclass.


Q: What is included in the workshop?
A: The Masterclass enrollment fees include everyday Lunch, snacks, coffee breaks
, training materials, equipment, as well as a nice wrap party on the last evening. We are managing transportation only during workshop hours,

transportation from and to accomodations is on attendee care.


Q: Is accommodation included?

A: Accommodation is excluded, we believe everyone has his own standards for accommodation.

Q: Is there any dress code you suggest that we stick to?
A: Because we care about your comfort, we encourage you to wear comfortable clothes and shoes to be able to move around freely and to enjoy the experience.

Q: Are you taking into consideration any special dietary needs?
A: Since we really encourage a better overall wellbeing and physical activity during our workshop, our craft services cover all your needs for a balanced meal, taking in account any food allergy.





Explore a week of unlimited possibilities in our exclusive Masterclass, designed to elevate your skills in TRINITY2, Steadicam and A Cam Operating. Tailored for seasoned operators, this intensive Masterclass, guided by industry pioneers, provides advanced knowledge and insights for real-world applications.



Calling all seasoned operators seeking a break from the ordinary!
If you’re looking to elevate your craft, break free from the daily grind, and explore new horizons alongside operators worldwide, this is your escape led by internationally recognized experts. Engage yourself in advanced TRINITY2, Steadicam and A Cam Operating with our exclusive Masterclass



  • Watch top-notch operators in action as they share their filmmaking expertise, learning directly from their approach and techniques.


  • Experience exclusive handpicked film screenings shot by our esteemed trainers, followed by in-depth Q&A sessions revealing production stories and on-set decisions.


  • Learn advanced TRINITY2 and Steadicam techniques from the masters, and gain insights about overcoming challenging situations.


  • The world of A Cam operating, including coverage, working on a multiple cam set, covering operating techniques like handheld, wheels, and conventional operating.


  • Real Set Vibes, experience blocking and operating oners on a live set, next to experts, and get instant feedback, tips and tricks. from the masters of oners.


  • Achieving the highest level of efficiency and meeting expectations from take one on demanding film sets.


  • The role of A cam, Steadicam and TRINITY2 operator on set, his duties and responsibilities, his authority to run the set.


  • Negotiating deals with producers and collaborating with different departments.


  • Working with VFX and discussing AI and its impact on filmmaking.


  • Prioritizing safety on set, implementing safety measures and providing sessions emphasizing on the fitness and mental health.


  • Explore multiple film sets by working with renowned cinematographers, directors and film crew (Focus pullers, ADs, 1st ACs, 2nd ACs, Grips, Gaffers…)


  • Steps away from our basecamp, we expand into the heart of Film production in Lisbon, with nearby facilities like Garage Productions and Planar rental house, enriching our practical learning spaces.


  • Connect globally with operators, share experiences and push camera operating boundaries.


*This is by no means an exhaustive list and there will be many other skills and techniques passed on during the course of the Masterclass.



At the completion of the workshop, attendees will receive an ARRI Academy certificate.




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  • Start date
  • End date
  • Workshop length
    5 Days
  • Duration
    9 Hours
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    TRINITY2, Steadicam & A Cam MASTERCLASS
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